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Install CA certificate

Download the certificate:


After downloading the CA certificate to local Client, right-click on the certificate and select “Install Certificate” from the context menu and use the following screenshots below to complete the CA certificate setup for SSTP VPN:

Open the Powershell window with administrator privileges and execute the following commands:

Add-VpnConnection -Name "InfordataVPN" -ServerAddress "" -PassThru -TunnelType sstp -SplitTunneling
Add-VpnConnectionRoute -ConnectionName "InfordataVPN" -DestinationPrefix "" -PassThru

At the first connection you will be asked for your VPN credentials.

Le jeux sont fait!

If you need to configure additional routes just issue the following command

Add-VpnConnectionRoute -ConnectionName "InfordataVPN" -DestinationPrefix "[network]/[netmask]" -PassThru

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